About – To Travel the Great Beyond

    Traveling is a fantastical dream that is the equivalent of running alongside pixies, vampires, and dwarves for many people.

    After spending years researching, I’ve come to firmly believe travel is possible for people on low budgets, and while I’m still attending University and have yet to go, with a little hard work and determined saving, I will make it to those “fantastical” postcard places.

    The purpose of To Travel the Great Beyond is to teach and inspire others who desperately want to explore beyond their own backyards but decided long ago it was a fool’s dream or unrealistic, impractical.

    If you think so, I would just like to say that travel is a powerful, life-changing thing, because it pushes you out of your comfort zone, into situations you’ve never dealt with before; you are forced to grow as a person. If you travel – in a group or solo – you will learn things about yourself that you love and maybe some things that you really don’t love, but the point is that you know now and got to see damn-beautiful places in the process.

    Don’t give up.

    Even if it isn’t going to happen right this minute, you can plan, save, and prepare for “someday” and once your education is finished…your kids have grown and moved out…you’ve stayed at that job long enough to go mobile…Once you get there, set a date and GO. A couple days, a week, a month, a year. It’s your choice. No regrets.

    Wave goodbye to those naysayers who are secretly jealous and do it.