What to Do in London

    What to Do in London
    By Photograph by Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)., CC BY-SA 4.0

    London is such a doozy! There are so many places and things to do, it’s unrealistic to assume I could list them all, but I figured that I ought to give you a head start!


    With these, take what you like and ignore the rest. If you don’t like museums, you suck…no, seriously just skip them. Unless you’re truly ambitious and fanatical, I wouldn’t try going to them all. There’s quite a few.


    • Hyde
    • Victoria
    • St. James
    • Green
    • Holland
    • Richmond
    • Bushy
    • Regent’s
    • Olympic
    • Clapham Commons
    • Kew Gardens

    Don’t discount parks on your trip! These are great places to have lunch, relax between or after fighting crowds at popular places. Give yourself a break or you’ll probably go crazy.

    Speaking of popular places…

    The Classics

    • Tower of London
    • Big Ben
    • Tower Bridge
    • London Eye
    • King’s Cross (Harry Potter fans, anyone??)
    • St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Maryleborne Road
    • Westminster Abbey

    I really hope you’ve heard about at least most of these places. Also, something to note is that these places can be expensive and crowded, so if you’re only mildly interested, consider just walking by and snapping a couple quick photos instead of touring inside. Save you some cash for later.


    • Chiswick House & Gardens – a beautiful, ancient house and 65-acres of gardens
    • Thames Clippers – take a boat ride down the Thames and see previously mentioned Classics in one trip
    • Emirate Air Line – cable car right over London
    • Camden Passage – a road for antique and contemporary shops
    • Dennis Severs’ House – a time capsule that follows a family through the generations
    • Regent’s Canal – has a walking/biking/jogging trail that escapes the bustle of London
    • Scotland Yard Headquarters – check out where the famous police force in London works

    These are smaller items on a very large list, but sometimes we need to fit lighter things into the heavy-weight destinations.

    So you have a list now, but if you have the time on your trip, I would suggest taking one day out of your schedule to simply wander around. While they may not be famous, you can certainly find some hidden gems when you take the time to look. Get away from the city center, those tourist attractions, and pretend your a local for the day!

    I hope you enjoyed the brief tour. Good luck on your trip!


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