Poetry #1: Redwoods

As with my first non-fiction post, I wrote this poem in my last year of college. It was one of those poems that took thought and time but was so incredibly satisfying when I finished it. My teacher at the time was a man I highly respected (still do), and he called it “brilliant.” I…… Continue reading Poetry #1: Redwoods

Non-Fiction #1: Living Places

I wrote this for a Non-fiction class my last year in college after I spent two months abroad in Scotland, England, and France. Honestly, it seems more like prose poetry than non-fiction, but it’s such a flexible genre, it probably works either way. I had so much fun writing this, so I hope you enjoy…… Continue reading Non-Fiction #1: Living Places

15 Festivals of the World You’ve Gotta See

All over the world people celebrate for the most beautiful, coolest and craziest things with the most beautiful, coolest and craziest events! Here are just a few of the events that you ought to add to your bucket list. 1. Snow & Ice Festival “Harbin Ice and Snow World 2010” By Dayou_X – CC BY-SA 2.0 Where:…… Continue reading 15 Festivals of the World You’ve Gotta See

Fiction #1: Kintsugi

She traced the ragged lines over his shoulders, across his sternum, along his hip, down his outer thigh. His body was beautiful to her. He was strong, but not gym-strong. He had worked hard from an early age on his family farm, moved straight into the military at eighteen, and when he finally retired, he…… Continue reading Fiction #1: Kintsugi