Non-Fiction #2: Follow Orion

While I was in Scotland, I spent a couple days on the Isle of Skye. Due to a combination of exhaustion from the previous day and a bad habit of hitting the snooze button, I missed the few buses that could take me to see all the sights to see on the Isle. I chose…… Continue reading Non-Fiction #2: Follow Orion

Non-Fiction #1: Living Places

I wrote this for a Non-fiction class my last year in college after I spent two months abroad in Scotland, England, and France. Honestly, it seems more like prose poetry than non-fiction, but it’s such a flexible genre, it probably works either way. I had so much fun writing this, so I hope you enjoy…… Continue reading Non-Fiction #1: Living Places

15 Festivals of the World You’ve Gotta See

All over the world people celebrate for the most beautiful, coolest and craziest things with the most beautiful, coolest and craziest events! Here are just a few of the events that you ought to add to your bucket list. 1. Snow & Ice Festival “Harbin Ice and Snow World 2010” By Dayou_X – CC BY-SA 2.0 Where:…… Continue reading 15 Festivals of the World You’ve Gotta See